Thursday, July 16, 2009


Siddhart Jaiswal wakes at 7 every morning. He does yoga for 15-20 minutes, then 30 minutes of meditation. Meditation is done by lying down or sitting, and following a certain set of mental instructions (which are given by mp3 or a tape to the beginner) which will raise awareness of one's own body through feeling of our body's activity (breathing, feeling the wind on our skin...). The mind can then free itself from all thoughts. The purpose of meditation being to control our thoughts and actions and therefore direct them in the way we want. Thanks to daily meditation, and a 10 days retreat he did at an ashram a few years ago, Siddhart has total control over his body, keeps a strong mind, and can achieve a lot of work every day, from 8am till as late as 10pm. Siddhart teaches farmers how to go organic, he also give speaches about organic farming, is Managing Director of an organic food and juices place, and raises organic awareness wherever he goes. Today, Siddhart goes to Mahatma Gandhi College at 9am to talk to high school students about the merits of organic farming compared to conventional farming, which makes farmers dependant on seeds and pesticides companies. The organic way makes farmers independant as they make their own fertilizer and use their own seeds. The explanations are given cristal clear by Sidd and the students come out convinced and pro-organic farming, they will probably ask their parents to start buying organic products! Siddhart then makes his way to Ahmedabad Jail, were he grows a 35 acres organic garden with the prisoners. After that, he will spend the rest of the day taking care of his restaurant / juice bar, JOOS, and on meeting with the other 3 directors.

Siddhart is hosting me during my one week stay in Ahmedabad in his flat off Satelite road, just opposit the Star Bazaar shopping centre.

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