Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First day

My first spending in Rupees went to the taxi fare, Rs130, which I shared with a Dutch couple. After knocking at the door of the hotel I booked it turns out nobody is gonna check us in. However we manage to wake some of the people sleeping in the street who will help us find a room in the area. We get a room in no time, with Indians waking more people up, taking us up the stairs of the Volga II hotel, where we wake yet more people who will take us to our rooms. Double for them, single for me. When I'm about to close my door to go to bed, it's a dozen Indians who are waving good night to me. Impressive teamwork you guys. I'm also pleasantly surprised to be able to find a room at this time of night.

The city is way over-crowded, very dirty and noisy. I'm in the historical centre, with the Gate of India and the infamous Taj Mahal Hotel, which was one of the main targets in November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Indian men hold each other's hands or pinky. They also go around holding their friends by the shoulder. These physical contacts seem to show friendship.
I'm attracting a lot of attention, people talk to me and ask constant questions. I'm being shouted at a friendly manner "What's up dude!" and other "How are you my friend!". If I start talking to them the first question I'm being asked will invariably be "Which country?", to which my reply can either satisfy the person's curiosity, or call for yet other questions, "Are you a student in India?" "What's your name?"

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