Sunday, July 12, 2009


Jaya is of an Hindu family. She sometimes wear a bindi but only to go with a saree or other typical Indian clothes, purely as a fashion attribute. She sometimes smoke or drink Indian wine, and party with her friends. We can also talk about all kind of subject with her. She travelled quite a lot around the world, and in Europe. I think that her travelling habits have something to do with her open-mindedness. Most Indians I met tell me they've never travelled outside of India, either it's too expensive, or India is big enough a country and they don't feel the need to travel outside of it.

When I ask Jaya what she thinks about cows (which is a holy animal in India), she tells me they are treated as Gods over her, and are sometimes seen as the Mother. With their big, long, beautiful eyes, they do remind her of a mother. Other Indians will say the same thing, always replying the most seriously. Cow = mom. It's therefore a very respected animal.

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  1. It's interesting to see how my name appears just under the underlined 'Cows'!...Just the proximity makes me feel un-holy..especially when everything written about me is pretty much in the opposite direction.

    Thank god for that! I like the analysis you've made. It's that of a typical urban Indian girl who's quite sure that she's very unsure at the moment..:-)

    You were not supposed to catch it and you somehow did....does that make you sharp and intelligent?